Live Life On Your Own Terms

Hybrid Events that Bring Free Spirits Together in Conscious Community

Shit's Hard.

Adulting, right? Modern life can make us feel isolated, judged and disconnected.

The pressures of modern life can make us struggle to feel like enough.

You deserve to be around people who let you be yourself. Let your hair down.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Register + attend our event in person or online.
  2. Connect with likeminded free spirits who inspire you to be yourself.
  3. Leave feeling uplifted, energized and empowered to move forward in your life.



A Word From Our Founder


I created HumanKINDtv because often times I feel bombarded by the negativity of the news media and felt saddened by the hopelessness of being “informed” about all the terrible things happening around me. HumanKIND is a conscious community of free spirits who lift each other up and inspire each other to be the best. 

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